A lifelong passion

A few weeks ago I found a family picture taken on my eighth birthday. I’m wearing a poppy shirt with a Claudine collar under a chasuble dress. Surrounded by my grandparents, I hold in my harms one of the most beautiful present I ever received: my very first sewing machine! Happy about getting the gift I longed for, a huge smile ornates my face. In the months that followed, I was going to discover the fabulous sewing world. I am then far to gauge how much room this passion will take in my life. I am eight years old, I’m learning multiplications, I have the ambition to sew a lot of scrunches and there is a piece of birthday-cake left.

My discovery of pattern making

Upon completion of my studentship I moved to Paris in order to join a famous luxury house’s product development team. This is where I’ve I sharpened my taste, cultivated my perfectionism and got a taste of very neat finishings. Captivating as my job was though, I could feel something was amiss. I wanted to renew with my first passion and signed up for an evening pattern making class. I quickly developed a crush for this discipline! I learned the backstage of a perfect cut and started designing my own sewing patterns. Muslins and new designs followed one another; I felt home.


The desire to share

A few years went by and my desire to share my passion with you arose: I decided to create my YouTube channel. In my videos, I present my universe, my inspirations, my creations. The cheerful audience and growing community has allowed me to dream of a new career path. My yearning for creativity becomes evident and my corporate work has to give room to it.

The adventure is on!

Thus, twenty years after receiving my very first sewing machine, I take the decision to create my sewing patterns’ brand. It’s the beginning of the Méthode Mathilde adventure!